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As economies worldwide are in danger of recession and with thousands of IT workers wordlwide are being laid off more an more employees from all over the world are looking for ‘safe havens’ for employment. For many, Germany, is worthwhile option since there are at least a million open positions here with a dendency og even more demand in the future. Time to take a look at specialized job boards in Germany to get ideas for an employment.

Search for work online on the big portals

Almost each employee is usually familiar with the major job portals in Germany: Stepstone, Indeed, Kununu and the job board of the Federal Employment Agency each list several tens of thousands of vacancies in Germany. If you are looking for a job, you will certainly find it quickly on these portals. But is it perhaps worth taking a look at one of the many smaller job boards in Germany?

What are the advantages of specialized job boards in Germany?

Specialized job boards in Germany can certainly have advantages:

  • It is possible that they list a wider range of job openings in a particular professional field or industry.
  • Specialisation may make it easier for applicants to find what they are looking for. Example: If you want to do a promotion and search for this keyword, you do not want to get jobs for promotion in the sense of marketing and sales.
  • The application processes on specialized job boards can be simpler and faster, as the requirements for applicants are often more precisely defined.
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  • Specialized portals can also provide additional resources such as career tips and industry information.
  • Specialized job boards often have a higher accuracy for applicants and employers because they focus on a specific target group.
  • They may be able to offer more personal and individual support and advice to job seekers and companies.

It can therefore be worthwhile for you as an applicant to take a look at these spoezialized job boards.

On which specialized job boards in Germany can I find positions?

On these specialized job boards in Germany you can look for work (selection):

BioTechJobsBiotechnology Industry
Automotive-JobsAutomotive Industry
Sales-JobsSales & Business Development
ChemieJobsChemical Industry
Touristik-JobsTourism & Travel
Greenjobs.deEnvironmental & Renewable Energy
Games-CareerGaming Industry
JobStairsProfessionals & Graduates
Arts Jobs OnlineArts & Culture
Creative City BerlinCreative Industries in Berlin
FashionUnitedFashion Industry
LegalCareersLegal Industry
JobvectorScience, IT & Engineering
YourFirmSMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)
HotelcareerHospitality & Hotel Industry
IT Job BoardIT & Technology
Finance ProfessionalsFinance & Banking

Advantages of the big job boards in Germany when looking for work online

The advantages of large job boards in Germany when looking for work are:

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  • A wide range of job offers in different industries and areas
  • A simple and user-friendly search for jobs based on keywords, locations and other criteria
  • The ability to upload yourCVand otherapplication documentsin order to respond quickly to job offers
  • A large number of employers who publish their job offers on these platforms
  • Ability to save search criteria and job alerts for new offers.

Job boards in Germany: Conclusion

Whether you will find what you are looking for on a large or a specialized job board and successful, you can not say from the outset. Chance often plays a major role here. If you are looking for work, you are certainly well advised to look into the large portals as well as into the specialized job boards in Germany. For this reason, we have listed the specialized job boards here.

A few more general tips for finding work online

Should the crisis come, people who previously did not have to do so will probably have to make more effort forapplications. If companies can again choose from many applicants more frequently, every detail counts. So here are some more tips:

To successfully search for a job on a job board, you should first update your CV and cover letter. Make sure they’re tailored to the needs of the jobs you’re using. Use relevant keywords in your resume and cover letter to make it easier for employers to find you.

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Another important strategy is to focus your search on specific industries or companies. By focusing on specific companies or industries, you can better prepare for the demands and expectations of employers and have a better chance of getting an interview.

Another important step in finding a job on a job board is to check the offers regularly andapplyfor the latest offers. The sooner you apply, the greater your chances of getting an interview.

It’s also important to maintain communication with potential employers. Respond quickly to emails or calls from employers and make sure you always stay professional and polite.

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One final tip is to continuously follow the job boards you apply to and apply for the latest offers. With the right preparation and strategy, you can successfully find a job on a job board.

Questions and answers

  1. How can I find online job opportunities in Germany?

    Search for online job opportunities in Germany on specialized job boards and career websites. Utilize professional networks like LinkedIn and XING to explore remote work options.

  2. Are there specific job boards dedicated to remote work in Germany?

    Yes, websites like and focus on remote job opportunities in Germany. Check these platforms to discover telecommuting positions across various industries.

  3. How can I improve my chances of finding online work in Germany?

    Customize your CV and cover letter to highlight relevant skills for online work. Showcase your adaptability, communication, and digital proficiency to attract potential employers.

  4. Do I need to speak German to find online work in Germany?

    While knowing German is an advantage, many online positions in international companies accept English speakers. However, learning German can broaden your job opportunities.

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  5. What are the most in-demand remote jobs in Germany?

    In-demand remote jobs in Germany include software development, data analysis, graphic design, content creation, and digital marketing. These fields offer a variety of online work options.

  6. How can I build a professional network in Germany while working remotely?

    Engage in online networking events, webinars, and industry forums. Connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn and XING to expand your network in Germany.

  7. Is it necessary to have a German work visa for online jobs in Germany?

    If you're physically located in Germany while working online, you'll need a valid work visa. However, if you work remotely from outside Germany, a work visa isn't required.

  8. Can I work as a freelancer online in Germany?

    Yes, you can work as a freelancer online in Germany. Register as a freelancer with the German tax office and ensure compliance with local tax and social insurance regulations.

  9. Are online job interviews common in Germany?

    Yes, online job interviews are increasingly common in Germany, especially for remote positions. Prepare for video interviews by testing your technology and practicing your responses.

  10. What are the legal requirements for working online in Germany?

    Legal requirements include having a valid work visa, registering as a freelancer or employee, and adhering to German labor laws. Ensure compliance with tax and social insurance obligations.

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  11. Can I find online part-time jobs in Germany?

    Yes, online part-time jobs are available in Germany across various industries. Browse job boards and company websites to find opportunities that suit your skills and availability.

  12. How can I stay productive while working remotely in Germany?

    Establish a routine, set up a dedicated workspace, and utilize productivity tools. Communicate regularly with colleagues and take breaks to maintain work-life balance in remote settings.

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