How to pay Super with QuickSuper (2023)

Super must be paid to eligible employees at least quarterly using an online payment system. Thankfully, AustralianSuper is here to help with a fast, free and secure super clearing house called QuickSuper*.
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What is QuickSuper?

QuickSuper offers AustralianSuper employers a fast,free and secure, government compliant online payment system that streamlinesyour superannuation payments. If you want tosign up for QuickSuper, you can apply onlineor contact us for support.

How to pay super with QuickSuper

You can pay superin 3 easysteps.

Step 1: Register as an employer Your first step is to register with us online and choose usas your default super fund. We’ll then confirm your account has been set up andoutline the next steps. Register
Step 2: Sign up for QuickSuper When you’re registered as an employer, you can sign up for the QuickSuper clearinghouse. This is a free, secure service, supported by our customer serviceteam. Sign up
Step 3: Log in and make payments Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive an emailwith your sign in details and steps on how you can start processing superannuation payments. Make payments

Why QuickSuper?

There are many benefits in payingsuper to employees using the QuickSuperclearing house. First of all, QuickSuper makesit easy to pay employees’ super in onesingle payment, no matter what super fund they belong to. Secondly, QuickSuper complies with SuperStream – this is the way businesses must pay employeesuperannuation guarantee (SG) contributions to super funds. And finally, it’sfast, free and secure.


QuickSuper does much more than just pay super. You can also:

  • create accounts for new employees
  • make additional or voluntary contributions
  • update business and employee details
  • use reporting to reconcile payments
  • create a detailed audit trail
  • choose your super payment frequency: weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

*QuickSuper is a registered trademark and a product ownedand operated by Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141. Westpac’s termsand conditions applicable to the QuickSuper service are available after youreligibility for the free clearing house service is assessed by AustralianSuper.A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available from Westpac upon request.AustralianSuper doesn’t accept liability for any loss or damage caused by useof the QuickSuper service and doesn’t receive any commissions from Westpac ifemployers use this service. You can choose to make your contributions using adifferent service, but it needs to meet the government’s minimum datastandards, visit

We’re here to help you make super payments

AustralianSuper provides employers with a dedicated serviceteam to help you set up QuickSuper andprovide assistance with paying super whenyou need it. Call us on 1300 300 273, 8.00am to 8.00pm weekdaysAEST/AEDT.

Once you have registered with AustralianSuper, you’llreceive a Guide to working with AustralianSuper. This includes step bystep instructions on how to set up a new employee in QuickSuper,and how to pay super by direct entry or byfile upload. There is also a comprehensive QuickSuperhow-to-guide available to download below.

We also send out regular updates and reminders to help employersstay on top of their responsibilities. As a starting point, please read Super responsibilities for employers.

Our business portal simplifies your super management

The AustralianSuper business portal is designed to complementQuickSuper, to help make managing supereasier. The portal offers a number of additional benefits to those who manageand process super, such as payroll managers, accountants and bookkeepers. Tolearn more, visit our business portal page.

Setting up super for new starters

To set up super accounts for new starters, be sure to get their personal email address and mobile phone number so their contact details remain up-to-date, even if they change jobs. Find out more about new starters and super.

Frequently asked questions about payingsuper

  • A stapled super fund is an existing super account which is linked, or'stapled', to an individual employee so that it follows them as they changejobs. Read our article to understand the impact that super stapling has on your business.

  • Pay super for your eligible employees at least quarterlyby the Super due dates. You can also consider paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly if that suitsyour payment cycle or bookkeeping.

  • Yes, the ATO requires you to keep records of all the transactions youmake in relation to your employees’ super. Even if you use a clearing house todistribute your super payments, you’re stillrequired to keep adequate records about the SG payments. When you’re requiredto make super contributions under an employment agreement or an award, theremay be additional obligations imposed on employers, so please check therelevant regulation or award.

  • Super is calculated by multiplying the gross salary and wages by the SGrate, currently 10.5%.

  • No, these are excluded. However, some bonuses andallowances are included. For example, if you earn $75,000 and a $5,000 bonus,then $80,000 x 10.5% = $8,400. Whilst overtime is excluded from the supercalculation (if overtime is part of your rostered hours of work, so you can’tdistinctly identify overtime hours), the hours actually worked should beincluded in ordinary hours of work.

  • No, it’s a free service offered to employers who are registered withAustralianSuper.

  • Yes. However, the file format needs to be in the specified format of CSVor SAFF file. Both of these file templates can be downloaded from the QuickSuper website.

QuickSuper help and resources

QuickSuper how-to guide - pdf, 3.7MB

Download the QuickSuper how-to guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up your account and making super payments.


CSV file template - csv, 649KB

Use this CSV file template if you use a payroll system and want to make bulk super payments by file upload.


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